• A process photograph of what it looks like digitally archiving my family photo collection. A black cloth lays on the ground with a stack of photographs and a color checker. My hand flip each photograph, photographing each artifact.

    Photographer /Archivist /Poet /Music Producer /Designer /Filmmaker /Entrepreneur /Skater


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Interpreting History


Learning Perspectives

It is important to perceive and apprehend the past, present, and future, specifically in matters of the black interior and exterior life. This shows up in my current work entitled Master’s House. Master’s House is an on going archive of black and white images depicting household objects I own.

Finding Outlooks

Master's House

Excerpts from My Truth; Interpreted through the Women of my Family


I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. I received a BFA in Photography from the Parsons School of Design in 2017 and a BA in Literary Studies from Eugene Lang College in 2018. I was recently a recipient of the Fotofest’s John Herrin Memorial Scholarship for my work untitled Master’s House. I am currently a Junior fellow at Image Text Ithica 2021 Symposium.