Self Portrait of me on black backdrop

Hi I'm Prince.

Thank you for supporting. Your investment into my artistic development is a blessing. So, a little about me: I'm committed to beautifying African American communities, championing public art, and investing in dynamic collaborations. I am African American, born in between two major cities: NYC and Philadelphia, raised by a single father. I currently live and work in Cincinnati, OH, with my amazing wife.


Holding hands with my wife




Beauty is human necessity. Beauty is what Dr. Fujimura, the internationally renowned painter and writer, refers to as the three G’s: generative, generational, and a genesis. Beauty is a constant in my life and work for example I have revitalized a community garden in an African American Neighborhood in Cincinnati. Beautifying the St James Community Garden has been generative through sharing fresh vegetable and herbs. It has been generational by having people from 60 years of age to 3 year actively participating in cultivating the community garden. Many of my neighbors are not interested in gardening, but I hope resurrecting the garden is providing a genesis moment for anyone willing to take back control of their health.


Planting in the garden. Photo taken through a whole in a wood log.




Culture is a garden to be cultivated. I see facilitating the community garden as public art. Public art is communicating expression through materials in and through public domains like the streets and parks. I developed a strong need to create public art after being rejected by private galleries and institutions while studying in New York City. There was a large social, political and economic barrier of seeing art in private spaces let alone having my work shown there. So, I pivoted to aligned my art with the history of graffiti and street art. I plan to work with cities and states to make public art. Right now, I’m sticking to street art like creations.


Projected text on buildings on Mcmillan st in cincinnati.




If you want to learn about me look no further than my collaborators. Collaborations take time to make dynamic. I value when people create a force that stimulates change and progress within a community or the world at large. Cincy Nice is a fantastic example of this kind of collaboration. Cincy Nice is unique in that it is a coalition of Black leaders that are characterized by creating constant change, activity, and progress, so it was easy to build a dynamic collaboration for events like Our Tables.